Our vision is to bring a paradigm change to the management of brain disorders and injuries,
by transforming state of the art neuroscience into bed-side clinical practice. BNA™  is cleared by the FDA for marketing in the US.

FDA Clearance – Indication For Use:

“The BNA™ Analysis System is to be used by qualified medical professionals for the post-hoc statistical analysis of the human electroencephalogram (“EEG”), utilizing evoked response potentials (“ERP’). This device is indicated for use in individuals 14 to 24 years of age. The BNA™ Analysis System is to be used with the auditory oddball task only.”

Post-hoc statistical analysis of EEG/ERP data enables physicians to determine if the brain reacts to a task in a way that is similar to the reaction of the average normal brain.  If dis-similar, how far is it from the normal reaction?  This is an independent layer of objective information that can be used by physicians to gain additional clarity on brain processes.


BNA™ in a nutshell

ElMindA’s BNA™ technology is based on non-invasive recordings of multi-channel ERPs, a direct measure of neural activity, and a comprehensive and advanced analysis of these recordings to form Brain Network Activation patterns (BNAs) in order to map neural pathways that …

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Drug development

BNA™ serves as a valuable tool in CNS drug development, providing the means to quantify drug-induced neuro-physiological changes in brain network activity. The BNA™ technology has been adopted by major pharmaceutical companies for drug development.

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