Seeing – and Measuring – the Brain Like Never Before

The Solution (BNA)

BNATM combines long-proven EEG (electroencephalography), ERP (event-related potentials) testing procedures with machine-learning and advanced algorithms, and large-population databases to provide a revolutionary new way to see how the brain’s neural networks are activated and extract unique data about brain function and health.measuring the brain

BNATM testing captures electrophysiological patterns of time, location, amplitude and frequency data points in the brain related to specific functions evoked by repeatable tasks to create high-resolution, three-dimensional representations of the functional neural pathways that are activated in response to those tasks and represent specific brain functions such as sensory processing, attention and memory.

By comparing a patient’s test results to their previous healthy-state baseline – or to a Reference Brain Network Model (RBNM) generated from an extensive population database – BNATM can give physicians a unique perspective on brain function not available through traditional methods. These include:

  • snapshot measurements of brain network function in comparison to a healthy/normative group;
  • a comparison to normal after reported symptoms, behavioral changes, disease progression or complaints;
  • the ability to compare multiple tests over time;
  • objective information to assist with better-informed medical decisions; and
  • the ability to compare changes after a therapeutic intervention.

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