Advisory Board

Robert T. Knight, MD, PhD

Dr. Knight is the Evan Rauch Professor of Neuroscience and Director of the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute at UC Berkeley. He is an internationally acknowledged expert in the neurophysiological analysis of cognitive and emotional processing in humans and the quthor of more than 200 scientific publications.

Adam Gazzaley, MD, PhD

Dr. Adam Gazzaley is currently director of the Neuroscience Imaging Center at the University of California, San Francisco, a faculty member in the Neurology, Physiology and Psychiatry departments, and principal investigator of a neuroscience laboratory that conducts research on the neural mechanisms of attention and memory. A major focus of his research has been to expand our understanding of the alterations in the aging brain that lead to cognitive decline. He has received the Pfizer/AFAR Innovations in Aging Award and the Ellison Foundation New Scholar Award in Aging for his research.

Leon Y. Deouell, MD, PhD

Dr. Deouell is the Jack H. Skirball Professor of neuroscience at the Edmond and Lily Safra center for brain sciences and the department of psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is currently the academic head of the ELSC neuroimaging unit.   Dr. Deouell’s research addresses the neural correlates of perception with and without attention, sensory memory, and conscious awareness, using tools such as EEG and functional imaging. In particular his research involves both healthy and brain damaged patients with the aim of understanding the basis of impaired cognition after brain damage as well as the normal function of the brain in behavior.

Hillel Pratt, MD, PhD

The Director of ERP Lab Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Prof. Pratt’s research is in the non-invasive recording of human brain and nervous system electrical activity using evoked potential techniques. Specifically, studies are conducted on the improvement of recording and analysis techniques for sensory and cognitive evoked potentials. Convergence of structural and functional imaging of the brain in action is the final goal of these studies.

Moshe Bar, MD, PhD

Dr. Bar is a neuroscientist, director of the Gonda Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center at Bar-Ilan University, associate professor in psychiatry and radiology at Harvard Medical School, and associate professor in psychiatry and neuroscience at Massachusetts General Hospital. He directs the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at the Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging.

Judith Aharon, MD, PhD

Prof. Aharon is the Director of Neuro-cognition Institute, Rambam Medical Center; Director, Cognitive Neurology Institute at Rambam Health Care Campus, Technion School of Medicine.

Dr. JP Huang

Dr. Huang is Founder, Chairman, and Chief Strategic Advisor of Jpigroup Inc. Established in 1988, Jpigroup is one of China’s major investment and development companies in food, chemicals, manufacturing, human capital development, technology, retail and consumer, energy and infrastructure, and financial services.

Jeffrey Kutcher, MD

Dr. Kutcher is the Director of the Michigan Neurosport Program and an Associate Professor in the Department of Neurology at the University of Michigan Medical School. His research interests focus on the neurologic sequelae of sports injuries and the management of neurologic diseases in the athlete as well as concussions and sleep disorders. During the 2014 Olympic Winter Grames in Sochi. Dr. Kutcher provided neurological care to all American athletes and all NHL players from any country participating in the Olympics. He currently has several ongoing research projects focused on sports concussion.

Ross Zafonte, MD

Ross Zafonte, D.O. is an American board-certified physiatrist known for his academic work in traumatic brain injury and is recognized as an expert in his field. Dr. Zafonte is the chairperson of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts and the chief of physical medicine & rehabilitation at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Isabelle M. Germano, MD, MBA

Dr. Isabelle M. Germano is a tenured Professor of Neurological Surgery, Neurology, and Oncological Sciences at the Icahn School of Medicine in New York City. She is a pioneer in multiple technological advances including computer-assisted neurosurgery. Her cutting-edge translational research  funded by NIH, FDA, and other Foundations focuses on gene therapy approaches for brain tumors. She recently published on the applications of artificial intelligence in neuro-oncology in collaboration with the NYU Stern School of Business where she is appointed as adjunct Professor of Economics.

Vernon Williams, MD

Dr. Williams is a board-certified neurologist with an interventional and multidisciplinary sub-specialty in Pain Management. Since 1998, Dr. Williams has directed the Neurology and Pain Medicine Services with the world-renowned Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles. He is a consultant to multiple area professional, college, and high school sports teams including the Los Angeles Kings, Galaxy, Lakers, and Dodgers, the Anaheim Ducks and Angels, as well as Loyola University.

John M. Zajecka, MD

John Zajecka, M.D., is Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Clinical Director of the Depression Treatment and Research Center at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago and Skokie, Illinois. He has authored numerous publications and conducted research in affective disorders, anxiety disorders and schizophrenia and serves on the scientific advisory boards for the National Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, as well as for several pharmaceutical companies. He has also received the Upjohn Young Investigators Award for Psychiatric Research and twice received the Special Recognition Award for Training Psychiatric Residents.

Prof. Talma Hendler, MD

Director of brain imaging center, Tel Aviv Medical Center, MD PhD, Professor, Tel Aviv University (Psychology, Medicine), Director of Tel Aviv Functional Brain Center. Associate Professor, School of Psychological Science, Departments of Physiology and Pharmacology and Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Sagol School Neuroscience, Tel Aviv University. Functional Brain Center, Wohl Institute for Advanced Imaging, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center.

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