Why work at elminda?


Make a Difference for Millions

BNA technology allows medical professionals as well as each and every one of us to better manage our Brain Health.

Solve Complicated Problems

elminda has spent a decade pioneering a fusion of data analytics and brain networks mapping. These quantify function and dysfunction of neurological and psychiatric disorders, outlining the overall condition of our Brain Health.

Be Part of Something Great

Our greatest assets are the people we work with. We are proud to have achieved a work environment that strives together to make something great. We operate in the most challenging arenas – Brain Health and AI. We invest in creating an enriching work environment, driven by talented people who want to share this fascinating path with us!


Senior Data Engineer

Israel · Full time · mid level

About The Position

Elminda, a leading company in the brain health technologies is looking for a top-notch Big Data engineer to join our team. You will have an opportunity to directly impact our growing startup. 

You will have end-to-end responsibilities:  

  • Build data scale-able infrastructure that leverages Elminda's data to its full extent enabling research and product teams to make strong data-driven advancements   
  • Implementing tools and processes for managing data, handling performance, scale, availability, accuracy and monitoring 


  • Large scale data analysis and research  
  • Consolidating multiple data source to make analytics-based business decisions 


  • 5+ years of previous work experience, strong software engineering skills
  • Technology leadership experience utilizing industry-leading open source stacks  
  • Product processes expertise: Agile, CI/CD, testing & testing automation  
  • Experience developing mission critical or medical-grade products   
  • Experience with Big-data & analytics infrastructure  


  • Experience in at least two of the programming languages: Java/Scala/NodeJS/Python
  • Experience in at least one NoSQL DB and one RDBMS DB
  • Experience in Spark or a similar tool
  • Experience in Kafka or similar tool


  • Knowledge of machine learning, deep learning and data science algorithms, paradigms and methodologies  
  • B.Sc. or M.Sc. in Computer Science or related field – advantage
  • Experience in a cloud platform (e.g. AWS)  

Company Technology Stack: 

  • Java Spring / Node.js / C++ / Matlab / Python
  • Docker, Kubernetes, AWS
  • MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Spark, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Druid, Tableau
  • Elasticsearch, Kibana, Prometheus, Grafana
  • Linux (Ubuntu/CentOS)

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