CNS Drug Development Challenge

CNS Drug Development Challenge

CNS drugs exhibit the lowest approval success rates due to multiple challenges such as lack of efficacy in early and advanced stages of development, Poor target selection / engagement, poor translation from pre-clinical models and disease heterogeneity. BNA may contribute in CNS research and drug development by adding new objective endpoints, assisting in understanding drug mechanism, identifying placebo effects, mapping cognitive functions, serving as a screening tool, identifying subtypes and treatment protocol success and failure likelihood prediction.

CNS drug research has not delivered truly innovative drugs for the treatment of CNS disorders in the past decades. This is the direct result of an insufficient understanding of the pathophysiology of the disorder, a limited predictive validity
of preclinical behavioral and pharmacological models, a lack of reliable biomarkers to quantify treatment effects and, as a consequence, an excessive reliance on subjective measures.

Novel diagnostic, response and predictive biomarkers to improve CNS drug development for CNS related disorders are urgently needed.

Pharma solutions

Turnkey solution of leading edge EEG/ERP based assessment technologies for pharmaceutical and academic clinical trials which includes the following products:

  • Consistent EEG/ERP acquisition platform
  • BNA (Brain Network Analytics) analysis
  • Brain analytics – based on our >370,000 datasets data lake (healthy and patients).
  • Services are HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant including data management via a cloud based portal system

elminda’s support includes the following features when applicable: Installation, training, certification, clinical protocol and IRB support, FDA cleared EEG multi channel device, secure and compliant data management tools, real time analysis and ongoing data quality monitoring.

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