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elminda Brain Mapping Technology One of Six Innovations Presented to President Obama during Visit to Israel


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One month after announcing plans for a landmark effort to better understand the workings of the brain, President Obama received a first-hand look at a groundbreaking brain mapping and imaging technology that may be critical to achieving this ambitious goal and to helping detect and manage a host of brain-related diseases and conditions.

 During a visit to the Israel National Museum with Prime Minister Netanyahu on Thursday, March 21, President Obama saw up-close six Israeli technology innovations as part of the “Israeli Technology for a Better World” exhibit hosted by Prime Minister Netanyahu. Among the technologies that were carefully selected by an expert panel to showcase Israel’s most transformational innovations was elminda’s Brain Network Analytics or BNA™.

 Developed in association with researchers at Ben-Gurion University and the Technion Institute of Technology, the BNA™ advanced imaging technology applies sophisticated signal processing and pattern recognition algorithms to 3-dimensional electrophysiological data gathered by multi-sensor electroencephalography or EEG equipment.

“We are absolutely thrilled that elminda’s brain mapping technology was chosen for this one-of-a-kind exhibit involving President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu,” said elminda CEO Ronen Gadot, who demonstrated the technology to the world leaders. “It is particularly exciting given the President’s recent announcement of the Brain Mapping Project in his State of the Union Address   and the relevance of our technology in helping improve scientific understanding of the brain.”

“Such information can be vital to making progress against a host of diseases and conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and to improving the health and well-being for hundreds of millions of people throughout the globe,” Gadot added.


Photo by: Kobi Gideon, GPO; Alex Kolomoisky

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