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elminda Selected to Present BNA™ to the Japanese Prime Minister at the Israeli Innovation Exhibition



Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, led a delegation of top Japanese businessmen, representing the largest companies in Japan, through an Israeli innovation exhibition showcasing breakthrough Israeli technologies. elminda was one of only five companies selected to present to Abe, the Japanese delegation and Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had this to say about his interaction with the BNA™ technology; “We just experienced, along with Prime Minister Netanyahu, the truly ground breaking technologies and  innovations that Israel is so proud of… I was very interested in a device [BNA™ by elminda] that can really tell us how the brain functions. Maybe this new technology could tell us what and how people think. If Japan were to be the first country to develop and utilize this technology, then maybe in our next summit meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu, Japan would have a competitive edge.”

 Watch PM Abe and Netanyahu at the Israeli Innovation Exhibition:

Watch PM Abe speaks about BNA™ Technology:


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