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President Peres experiences elminda’s Brain Mapping Technology – at the Presidential Conference Brain Science Exhibition “STATE OF MIND”

Facing Tomorrow – the fifth Israeli Presidential Conference under the auspices of President Shimon Peres – took place in Jerusalem on 18-20 June, 2013.  As in previous years, the conference assembled world leaders, scholars, scientists, economists and business people to envision tomorrow and engage the central issues that will influence the face of our future. As the future of humankind is unequivocally linked to understanding the enigma of the human brain, a special Brain Science Experience Exhibition called “STATE OF MIND” was assembled at this year’s conference.


The STATE OF MIND exhibition was designed as a fascinating multimedia journey into the human brain, spotlighting scientific breakthroughs from the top brain researchers of Israel.  “We are proud and delighted that elminda’s Brain Activity Mapping technology, known as BNA™, was highlighted as the centerpiece of the STATE OF MIND exhibition,” said Professor Amir Geva of Ben Gurion University and the founder and CTO of elminda.

The elminda multimedia exhibit allowed participants, and President Peres himself, to experience first-hand a live demo of the BNA™ Brain Mapping Technology.

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