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Receiving Erickson Foundation Research Award in Positive Aging

Awards ceremony took place in APHA Annual meeting. elminda and The Villages Health are proud to be the winner: “This award recognizes high caliber research that significantly advances our understanding of functional, social, psychological, financial, and/or civic dimensions of positive aging on either the individual or community level. This research should enhance the impact of such scientific advances on public policy. It can be translated into policies and practices that help older persons, particularly those of vulnerable population subgroups, achieve and maintain health, well being and independence.

Winner: Carla VandeWeerd, PhD “Evaluating Brain Health: Early findings on the Utility of a Novel Technology to Assess Brain Health in Late Life”.

In collaboration with elminda (an Israel based technology company who developed BNA ) and the Villages health, she is the PI in a clinical trial exploring the use of BNA (functional EEG) technology to identify and distinguish health and at risk brains in late life in support of early detection of cognitive and mental health impairments”.

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