Inspiring a Revolution in Brain Health

The Company

elminda was founded in 2006 with the goal of addressing the unmet needs of people suffering from brain related disorders. Our mission:  perfect a technology that would reveal an individual’s unique brain function “signatures” or “fingerprints,” creating objective measurements to bring greater certainty to the diagnosis of brain disorders and injuries, and enable better clinical decision-making around treatment.

ElMIndA is lead by a seasoned team of entrepreneurs, engineers, neuroscientists, researchers and medical experts who have spent a decade-plus developing and improving our technology. We are a diverse group with a thirst for knowledge that drives us to create leading-edge technologies.

Our innovative approach and supporting data have led to partnerships with leading neurological and psychiatric institutes as well as top pharmaceutical companies around the world. We have completed numerous clinical trials demonstrating the utility of our BNATM technology in both clinical setting as well as for drug development and research,. In the process, we’ve received numerous honors and accolades from such noted organizations as the World Economic Forum.

Our vision is a world where brain healthcare is data-driven, intelligent and available to everyone.

We are dedicated to discovering and developing technologies that help medical professionals as well as patients and their families see more, know more and do more. It’s how we’re inspiring a revolution in brain health.

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