Seeing – and Mapping – the Brain Like Never Before

The Solution (BNA™)

BNA leverage machine-learning, advanced algorithms, and large-population databases to provide a revolutionary new way to understand how the brain’s neural networks are activated and inform about brain function. measuring the brain

BNA processes post-hoc neural patterns of time, location, amplitude and frequency data points in the brain related to specific functions evoked by repeatable tasks to create high-resolution, three-dimensional representations of the functional neural pathways that are activated in response to those tasks and represent specific brain functions such as sensory processing, attention and memory.

By comparing a patient’s test results to their previous healthy-state baseline – or to a Reference Brain Network Model (RBNM) generated from an extensive population database – BNA can give physicians a unique perspective on brain function not available through traditional methods. These include:

  • snapshot mapping of brain network function in comparison to a healthy/normative group;
  • the ability to compare multiple tests over time;
  • objective information to assist with better-informed medical decisions.

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