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The Villages Health and elminda joint Study Receives Erickson Foundation Award for Excellence in Aging Research at 2018 APHA Annual Meeting

elminda is pleased to announce that a manuscript, entitled “Evaluating Brain Health: Early Findings on the Utility of a Novel Technology to Access Brain Health in Late Life,” will receive the prestigious Erickson Foundation Award for Excellence in Aging Research at the upcoming 2018 American Public Health Association (“APHA”) annual meeting being held November 9-17 in San Diego, California.

The award-winning manuscript highlights the results of a study to evaluate the capability and potential of BNA to reliably assess cognitive function in older adults, distinguish normal cognitive decline from the early stages of abnormal disease process, and detect cognitive deterioration over time. In the study, the potential for utilizing BNA assessment for early detection of brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s Disease (“AD”) and Mild Cognitive Impairment, and for characterizing significant differentiation between healthy aging brains and those experiencing adverse outcomes, was shown. Implications for future research, policy and practice were also discussed.

The study reflects a unique collaboration between corporate-community and academic partners that is vital to robustly demonstrating the BNA’s real-world utility.

“We are deeply honored that the APHA Aging & Public Health Section and the Section Award Committee have recognized The Villages Health and elminda joint research with this award,” said Ronen Gadot, Chief Executive Officer of elminda. “As awareness and acceptance of BNA among clinicians and researchers continues to grow, we believe it has the potential to become the go-to analysis tool to diagnose and early detect brain functional problems, as well as a standardize way to measure the impact of therapeutic intervention on brain disorders.”

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