Taking a BNA™ Test

What happens during a BNA™ test?

A BNA™ (Brain Network Analytics) examination involves the measurement of electrical signals of your brain. For this purpose, a net of electrodes soaked in a solution (salt water and shampoo) will be placed on your head. The electrodes record passively, making it a safe method for everyone.
During the BNA™ test, you will perform a simple computer-based task to trigger specific brain responses. The results will give valuable insights into your brain functionality and enable the monitoring of your brain health over time. A BNA™ assessment takes approximately 30 minutes.

How do I prepare for a BNA™ test?

Please make a few preparations before your BNA™ test to ensure best results during the recording procedure:

Please do not consume any drugs or non-prescribed/necessary medication within 24 hours prior to taking your BNA test, as these affect your brain functionality and might distort test results. Note that this also includes all types of recreational drugs (e.g. alcohol, cannabis etc…). In case of nicotine, you can continue your usual habit.
Make sure you get a full night’s sleep before the day of the BNA test. This will reduce the occurrence of so-called alpha waves in your brain signals, which can indicate sleepiness and confuse test results.
Please wash your hair the night before the test and arrive with dry hair for your BNA appointment. In case of baldness or when your scalp tends to get oily quickly, please wash scalp on the same day. Doing so facilitates the application of the net and improves signal recording.
Please do not use hair products, such as gels, mousses, hairspray etc. on the day of testing.
These products interfere with the recording capability of the electrodes and can make it impossible to run a BNA test.
Since a few electrodes are also placed on your cheeks and forehead, please don’t wear make-up in these areas. Any kind of make-up (foundation, powder, rouge etc.) interferes with the recording capability of the electrodes and would require removal prior to the application of the net.
Please do not consume caffeine within two hours of the BNA test as caffeine can slightly change the natural electrical signals of your brain.
Please wear comfortable clothing that won’t make you sweat during the assessment.
The task requires you to sit still for 20 minutes and sweating will affect the accuracy of your test results.
If you have corrected vision, please wear glasses and not contact lenses during the test.
Contact lenses can increase your rate of blinking, which interferes with the signal and distorts test results.

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BNA is not a diagnostic tool and it is not intended to diagnose or treat.

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